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Welcome to Total Managed Care, Inc.

Picture Total Managed Care, Inc. provides the services and capabilities to offer employers customized programs for cost containment and disability management. TMC utilizes experience, information, and technology to effectively and efficiently manage medical care and lost time - as well as providing real time medical information to claim administrators so that appropriate medical reserves can be set.

This early and prompt routing of the loss ensures that TMC telephonic case managers screen and evaluate every claim when we have the greatest opportunity to control costs. TMC's telephonic case managers carefully evaluate all cases to determine if medical case management is warranted, and if so whether the case should be managed telephonically or on-site.

Telephonic case managers intervene soon after the loss, establishing case duration and identifying actions needed to resolve the claim. The case manager helps form appropriate cost effective treatment plans, and identifies job options or duty modifications to promote early 'return to work'.

On-site case (or field case management) nurses handle cases that meet certain criteria. They conduct in person meetings with significantly involved parties to promote communication and resolve issues that impede claim resolution. On-site case managers also handle catastrophic cases to assure appropriate coordination of care.

Our professional staff consists of Registered Nurses. Our training program includes case management and labor code training, as well as ongoing labor code updates and clinical training. TMC's strength lies in our ability to deliver what we promise: a strong disability management program, customized to our client's requirements.

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